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Docomomo US is thrilled to welcome our 19th regional chapter, Docomomo US/Wisconsin.

Docomomo US/Wisconsin is a regional chapter of Docomomo US that promotes awareness, appreciation and protection of Modern architecture and design across the state of Wisconsin through documentation, engagement, and advocacy efforts. Their mission focuses on Modern buildings, structures, cultural sites, and allied public arts realized during the 20th Century. The newly formed Wisconsin chapter will celebrate creators, clients, companies and cultural organizations from all of Wisconsin’s diverse communities: urban, rural, and in-between.


Docomomo US/Wisconsin is creating the Modern Wisconsin Registry, a catalog of buildings, landscapes, sites, and allied arts of the Modern movement. We encourage anyone interested in helping to launch this initiative to contact us at docomomowi@gmail.com. Once the Modern Wisconsin Registry is set up, there will be a separate process for submitting new sites to the catalog.


Docomomo US/Wisconsin organizes educational programming, including lectures, exhibitions, tours and other events, to engage its members and the public in the study and preservation of the Modern built environment. To do so, they collaborate with other educational, preservation, and design organizations across the state.


Docomomo US/Wisconsin advocates for the Modern buildings, landscapes, sites, and allied arts in Wisconsin. We promote sustainability by advocating for the reuse and preservation of existing Modern buildings. 

Organizing Members

Matt Amman
Tim Askin
Julia Ausloos-Bedinger
Dave Erickson
Kelsey Kuehn
Justin Racinowski
Annemarie Sawkins
Keith Stachowiak
Andrew Stern
Scott Templeton
Eric Vogel
Shannon Winterhalter

Get Involved

If you are a Wisconsin resident and would like to get involved with the new chapter, the first step is to become a member. Membership in both Docomomo US and the local chapter are included.

To learn more about ongoing documentation, engagement, and advocacy efforts, follow the Wisconsin chapter on Facebook and Instagram, or send us an email at docomomowi@gmail.com.


For a an introduction to some of the state's great examples of the Modern Movement, check out the five-part regional spotlight on the state's most populous city, Milwaukee.

Part 1: Beyond Cream City Brick: Modernism in Milwaukee
Part 2: Examining Works by Alonzo Robinson, Wisconsin’s First Black Architect
Part 3: The Mitchell Park Domes: Milwaukee's Public Modernist Marvel
Part 4: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Seminal Designs for the Modern American Home
Part 5: A Postwar Vision for a Modern Milwaukee

Start a Docomomo US chapter in your region

Docomomo US welcomes the development of new chapters. We are currently working in a number of locations to start new chapters, including New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio, and Pittsburgh. If you would like to get involved with these efforts or if you would like to start a chapter in a new region, visit our Start a Docomomo US chapter page to learn more and then reach out to us at info@docomomo-us.org to begin the process.