Docomomo US

Founded in the United States in 1995, Docomomo US is a non-profit organization led by a national Board of Directors and staff that represents a union of regional chapters that share its members’ knowledge of and enthusiasm for modern architecture and design.

Our Mission

Docomomo US is dedicated to the preservation of modern architecture, landscape and design. Through advocacy, education and documentation, we provide leadership and knowledge by demonstrating the importance of modern design principles including the social context, technical merits, aesthetics and settings of these important pieces of American history.

Our Vision

Enriching our communities and our culture through the understanding, appreciation and preservation of modern architecture and design.

Our Values

  • A commitment to the fundamental values and ethics—aesthetic, technological and social—of the Modern Movement and the ways in which they were and continue to be manifest in the built environment.
  • Recognition that because change is inevitable sensitive adaptive use should be supported.
  • A commitment to being a smart inclusive national organization.
  • A commitment to advocacy and education.

Committed to the principle that modern design merits the attention and preservation received by earlier periods, we maintain a continuous and constructive dialogue with national, state, and local preservation authorities and organizations as well as with building owners, developers, and designers in many disciplines. Our discussions with designing architects are based on the conviction that creative design and preservation go hand in hand. Designers are often consolidating, rehabilitating, and adding to the old; preservation architects are often devising creative ways to conserve it. Docomomo US promotes the exchange of knowledge about this important legacy which extends from the planned city and the iconic monument to the house next door.


Alphawood Foundation

Alphawood Foundation is a Chicago-based, grant-making private foundation working for an equitable, just, and humane society.

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Docomomo US is a committee of Docomomo International. Docomomo International was founded in 1988 in The Netherlands and has committees in 71 countries. For more on Docomomo International visit their website

Who is Docomomo US?

Docomomo US leadership is comprised of enthusiasts, historians, architects, designers, students, and preservationists. Docomomo US serves all those interested in design, architecture, urbanism, landscape and history and is typically cited in the professional and general press as the initiator of the interest in preserving the recent past.