Modernism at Risk, Modern Solutions for Saving Our Modern Landmarks


Docomomo US staff


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Exhibition on view February 17-May 1, 2010. Opening Wednesday, February 17, 6-8pm, RSVP.

Join Docomomo US at the "Modernism at Risk" exhibition and public programs at The Center for Architecture, 536 LaGuardia Place, New York City.

Modernism represents the defining movement of twentieth-century architecture and design; yet, every day, important works of modern architecture are destroyed or inappropriately altered. The solutions for protecting them can be as individual as the threats that endanger them. These threats range from physical deterioration to perceived economic or functional obsolescence to public apathy. Often, the greatest challenges to saving modern buildings can be the innovative design and technical features that help define them as significant achievements in the history of architecture.

While there is no single response that can prevent the loss of every endangered modern site, the architects and designers working today play an increasingly critical role in demonstrating that these buildings can be economically and functionally viable and continue to serve useful purposes as places to live, work, learn, gather, and worship. The advocacy role of good design becomes increasingly important as the building materials and systems of many modern structures that stem from the classical period of modernism through the postwar boom reach the end of their physical life span. Saving modern landmarks is important because they enrich a community’s sense of place – providing continuity between its past and important buildings of our own times.  

Exhibition Brochure (PDF)