Forgotten Modernism of Italy: Images from Andrea Brizzi


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The Italian-born photographer and, of course, long-time Docomomo member, Andrea Brizzi, has been capturing and interpreting the built environment over 40 years, “turning three dimensions into two.” He has traveled extensively in this pursuit. Brizzi has lived in England, Australia, New York and Honolulu. Passionate about architecture, which began during his brief tenure as a student in Florence ("I didn't learn much" he claims), and particularly the Midcentury, his most recent photography features a series of forgotten Modernist works in northern Italy and Sardinia. These images are a selection from this latest series. 

If you would like to find out more about his work, you can do so by visiting his website, Andrea Brizzi Photography.  








This home was originally designed for director Michelangelo Antonioni and actress Monica Vitti. The site is currently endangered, and you can read more at Docomomo International. 









Note: Some of the Sorgane structures were designed by Ricci, others by Savioli, though the two worked as independent designers.