Michigan Modern Architecture a Draw for Travelers


David Runk


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Michigan's state historic preservation office is pushing the glories of Michigan's modern architecture as a way to attract visitors.

The State Historic Preservation Office is behind an effort to highlight Michigan's modern architecture and design heritage. It's raising $250,000 to help record oral histories of architects from the time; create driving tours; and research and catalog important projects from around 1940 to 1970. The office is promoting the state's architecture through the web site www.michiganmodern.org with stories, photos and links to sites around the state.

Reed Kroloff, a former editor-in-chief of Architecture magazine and director of the Cranbrook Academy of Art, lives on campus in a home designed by Saarinen. He's grown accustomed to finding visitors -- curious about Cranbrook and its role as a crucible for modern art, architecture and design -- peering the front door. "Usually, if I'm not in my bathrobe, I'll give them a little bit of a tour," Kroloff said.

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"Michigan modern architecture a draw for travelers," Oakland Press, February 7, 2010.