100 members in 30 days


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Whether you are a longstanding member of Docomomo US or have yet to join, we are grateful that you are here and that you care about preserving our modern legacy.

Today we are asking you to take the next step and join or renew your membership by August 31 to help us hit our goal of 100 members in the next 30 days.

Reasons to become a member:

    1. Membership in one of our AMAZING local chapters is included. No chapter in your area? We'll help you start one.
    2. Our twice-monthly newsletter, packed with the latest modern news and events, original content, and special features. Anyone can sign up to receive the newsletter, but it's not possible without the support of our members.
    3. Gordon Bunshaft (yes, he is a whole reason!) Docomomo US has played a key role in advocating for the preservation of many of his significant works of modernism, including the Hirshhorn Museum, his addition to the Albright Knox Art Gallery, and 270 Park Avenue. 
    4. #70sTurn50 thematic focus. The 70s don't get much love, but Docomomo US and our chapters recognize the important of preserving our recent past, even if aesthetic preferences haven't caught up yet. 
    5. The Explore Modern Houses Partnership. A great perk of membership is receiving reciprocal access and discounts at select modern sites across the country. International members receive discounted access to an even greater number of sites
    6. The "Do" in Docomomo stands for Documentation, and one way we do that is through the Explore Modern Register, which features 450 modern sites and counting. It's a great resource for learning what's out there, what sites are threatened or saved, and what still needs to be documented further.

Week 1 Update

With a little over 1 week down in the challenge, we have reached 35 members! Thank you to everyone who has joined, renewed, or helped spread the word. We are a little more than one-third of the way to our goal. Please continue to follow us Instagram and spread the news to help us reach #100membersin30days. (And of course, if you haven't yet - join us!)

week 1 update

100 members in 30 days

Now more than ever, members are a critical part of enabling Docomomo US to save and uplift significant modern sites. Despite this year's challenges, we have carried on with our long-term advocacy and annual programming, including the Modernism in America Awards, Tour Day, and, in May, we launched a new program, the I Spy Modernism Architectural Photography Competition. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

From now through the end of August, we will be posting one reason/day on Instagram why you should become a member. Follow us on Instagram to get inspired.

If you are already a member - thank you! We would love to know what inspires you to support Docomomo. Share the reasons why you support and use the hashtag #100membersin30days

Bringing you the programming you desire, advocating for the places you love and keeping our community together takes time and resources. Be one of the 100 in 30 so that we can save the modern places that inspire us all.

If you have any problems renewing through the website, please feel free to contact us at info@docomomo-us.org or call (347) 688-2177.

Check back in throughout the month as we update the progress toward our goal!

100 members in 30 days