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Michele Racioppi


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We believe that one of the best ways to foster increased appreciation and awareness for sites of the Modern Movemement is to encourage individuals to experience them firsthand. That is why, in 2018, we launched the Explore Modern Houses Partnership to make it easier for Docomomo US members to visit exceptional modern homes across the country. The program provides discounts to an exclusive list of participating sites for Docomomo US members. We are excited to announce that this program will continue into 2020, with both new and returning partners.

Welcome to our two newest members, the Alden B. Dow Home & Studio in Midland, Michigan, and the James Rose Residence in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Thank you to our original sites for their continued participation: Farnsworth House, McCormick House, Cocoon House, Umbrella House, MANITOGA/The Russell Wright Design Center, and the Modulightor Building.

Click the link to each site below for specific details on discounts and stay tuned as more sites are added.

Make sure your membership is up to date, or become a member today to take full advantage of these benefits.

If you are the steward of a modern site and would like to become a partner, please email us at info@docomomo-us.org.