Victor Deupi

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Victor Deupi is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Miami School of Architecture. He has taught previously at Fairfield University, the New York Institute of Technology, the University of Notre Dame, and has been a Visiting Critic at the College of Architecture at Georgia Tech. His research focuses on the Early Modern Spanish and Ibero-American world, mid-20th-century Cuba, and contemporary architecture. His books include Architectural Temperance: Spain and Rome, 1700-1759 (2015), Transformations in Classical Architecture: New Directions in Research and Practice (2018), Emilio Sanchez in New York and Latin America (2020), Cuban Modernism: Mid-Century Architecture 1940-1970, with Jean-Francois Lejeune (2021), Emilio Sanchez Revisited: A Centenary Celebration of the Artist’s Life and Work, with LnS Gallery (2021), and Stables: High Design for Horse and Home and Wineries of the World: Architecture and Viticulture, both with Oscar Riera Ojeda (2021). Dr. Deupi was also the President of the CINTAS Foundation, dedicated to promoting Cuban art and culture, from 2016-2018.