Daniel Jonas-Roche

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Daniel Jonas-Roche is an Adjunct Professor of architecture, curator, and writer living in New York City. In September 2022, he co-organized a symposium with Yale University, the L’viv Center for Urban History, and University College of London School of Slavonic and East European Studies about reconstruction in Ukraine. The three-day symposium gathered over eighty Ukrainian and international architects, economists, psychologists, historians and journalists to discuss reconstruction practices after war. Jonas-Roche’s academic writings have been published by the University of Puerto Rico, Princeton University, and Rice University. He has been a visiting critic at the Cooper Union, Columbia GSAPP, the MIT School of Architecture, Rhode Island School of Design, and Boston Architectural College. He frequently contributes to the Architects Newspaper and New York Review of Architecture and is currently a lecturer at Kean University School of Public Architecture where he teaches about ethics, ecology, and infrastructure. His forthcoming book is entitled ‘The Sloanist City: Alfred Sloan, General Motors, and Managerial Capitalism’ (DOM Publishers: Berlin).