Eric Keune




Eric has an unconventional stance on design: truly new ideas are tremendously rare. Hear him out—he’s not one to abandon innovation and creativity. Instead, Eric sees our shared past as a rich source of valuable lessons. It’s no surprise, then, that he’s an accomplished architectural historian, having authored Paffard Keatinge-Clay: Modern Architecture/Modern Masters and co-authored 100 Buildings Every Architect Should Know. Informed by this broad historical knowledge, Eric’s work exists at the intersection of design, architectural history, contemporary visual arts, and state-of-the-art building technology. And, despite dozens of design awards and international acclaim, his metrics for success are simple: impact people’s lives, improve the environment, and transform contemporary society—to the benefit of all.


Eric is the Design Director for the Boston studio of global architecture and design firm Perkins & Will. A self-proclaimed disciple and teacher of Modernism, he serves on the United States board of Docomomo, an international advocacy group focused on works of the Modern movement. Outside the studio, he’s a father, collector of antique modern furniture and miniature buildings, as well as a classic car enthusiast.