Zero Hour for Iconic Eisenman House II Vermont


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Endangered, Threatened
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After a year-long attempt to find new stewards, Peter Eisenman’s House II in Hardwick, Vermont is reaching the zero hour. Devin Colman, the Architectural Historian for the State of Vermont, contacted Docomomo US this week stating, "the owner is willing to sell the house and 15 acres for $425,000 to anyone who will save the house. If it doesn’t sell, he has a buyer ready to purchase it for the land only, demolish House II, and build a new home on the site. The buyer wants to close by the end of June so he can start demolition this summer."

The price for House II has never been this low, reflecting the owner’s desire to avoid demolition. Anyone who might be interested, should contact Devin Colman.


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Contact: Devin A. Colman

Phone: 802-828-3043