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Members are the force behind Docomomo US

It has been nearly twenty-five years since the founding of Docomomo US in 1995. Working as a small group of volunteer professionals in uncharted territory, we laid the foundation for our work by contributing suggestions for the first tentative list of American Modern heritage proposed for inclusion on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. And just this year, the 20th Century Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright was added to the list. We congratulate our colleagues who continued to carry this effort that took many years to accomplish.

Since our founding, hundreds of significant modern sites have been saved or designated because of our collective work, our network, and people like you.

Join or renew your membership today and help us continue the work of preserving our modern heritage.

Docomomo US is able to put its weight behind important preservation battles, and tip the scales in our favor, because we are backed up by members like you. Terrace Plaza Hotel, the first International-style hotel in the country, designed by a young Natalie de Blois of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, is a great example. Vacant and deteriorating for years, Docomomo US supported Cincinnati Preservation Association in its efforts to save the building from inappropriate alterations, achieve local and national designation, and be reused.

According to CPA's Executive Director, Paul Mueller, “the Docomomo US support of Terrace Plaza, through letters, websites, and a 2019 [Modernism in America] award, has made a tremendous impact on the battle to save this modernist icon. Docomomo US provided expert opinions that helped local officials and the public see the building's national significance. That support is directly responsible for the start of the ongoing local landmark protection process."

The driving force behind all of this is you, our membership.

Membership accounts for 30% of Docomomo US revenue. Member support has allowed us to transition from an all-volunteer organization to two full-time staff and dedicated office space (at the early modern Starrett Lehigh building, no less). And – here’s some news – our goal is to add another part-time employee in the next year. Your support allows us to run our signature events (Tour Day, the National Symposium, and the Modernism in America Awards), which garner national attention and raise the profile of modern sites, while also offering opportunities for the public to celebrate, learn about, and advocate for modernism.

From tremendous wins to devastating losses, Docomomo US continues to grow and thrive because of you.
The Benefits of Membership

The Explore Modern Houses Partnership, launched last year, will continue in 2020, with both returning and new partners. The Partnership grants reciprocal access and discounts to an exclusive list of modern places for Docomomo US members. Additional member benefits include membership in a local chapter, discounts to Tour Day, the National Symposium (taking place in Chicago in June 2020), the Modernism in America Awards, and many tours, lectures and events hosted throughout the year. International level members and above receive the Docomomo International journal, discounts to international sites, and a discount to the International Conference, which will take place in Japan in September 2020.

Above all, as a member you have the benefit of knowing that when a modern site is saved, it was thanks, in part, to you.