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Brutal Neglect will be a short documentary directed by FAMU/Falmouth Film graduate Sophie May exploring a significant piece of Brutalist architecture, the Hotel Thermal. 

Located in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, Hotel Thermal was designed by husband and wife architecture team Vera Machoninova and Vladimir Machonin and was completed in 1977. It was purpose-built to host the annual Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. According to SOS Brutalism, "after the fall of communism, a series of unauthorized reconstructions took place. Today the family of the architects leads the campaign “Respekt Madam” to get the Czech historical heritage organization to look after the building. As of 2019, despite protests, the new management has started further alterations, destroying parts of the original design without consent of the original architect."

The goal of the filmmakers is to raise awareness, sway public opinion in favor of preservation, and hopefully save the the building.

The Kickstarter funding goal is £2700 by June 8, 2019. Your contributions will go towards:

  • The supply of industry film equipment for the duration of the shoot.
  • Crew accreditation/ accommodation/ transport during the production at Hotel Thermal's annually celebrated Karlovy Vary film festival.
  • Project contributors such as the graphic designer and editor. Post-Production costs including sound mixing, editing, and retrieving archive footage.
  • Film festival submissions and deadlines.