Neutra Kronish Residence


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Bowing to community pressure, the owners of Richard Neutra's Kronish House in Beverly Hills have agreed to postpone its demolition until at least Oct. 10 to give preservationists a chance to devise a plan to save the residence...and the City seeks to draft a preservation ordinance.


Designed in 1955, the Kronish Residence was one of the largest Neutra residential projects. Built for tract developer Herbert Kronish and his new English bride, the design included unusual requirements such as mirrors on the ceiling of Mrs. K’s dressing room. Rare Carrara Glass lines the walls of the master bath, and there are many other unique features.

After some months on the market, where the original listing characterized the property as a ‘tear down’ and no mention of the Neutra design, the owners had decided to tear the structure down and sell as an empty property of land. The home, along with another hundred or so Neutra-designed properties, has no official landmark or historic property designation.

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