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When Docomomo US was created more than 20 years ago, we set out to build a network of like-minded individuals to offer leadership, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the modern movement, which was little and little appreciated. We could not have envisioned the remarkable change in public attitude toward modernism we see today. That enthusiasm is due in large part to our long-standing members' dedication, interest and support in advancing the understanding of modern architecture and design.


The members listed below have been Docomomo US members ten or more years. From all of us at Docomomo US, we thank them for their dedication and support. 


We will honor their contributions to our efforts at our upcoming Modernism in America Awards ceremony in New York City June 20th.


Anthony Abbate

Gail Addiss

James Addiss

Donald Albrecht

Annice Alt

Robert Anderson

John Arbuckle

Angel Ayon, AIA Leed AP

Hilary Ballon

Nancy Banks

W. Lewis Barlow, IV, FAIA

Terry Bird

Craig Bloom

John Boyer

Susan Boyle

Ray Bromley

Jon Buono

John Burns, FAIA

Meredith Bzdak

Flora Chou

Lizabeth Cohen

John Coleman

Laura Culberson Knapp

Jeffrey Diehl

John Dixon

Andrew Dolkart

Ashlea Ebeling

Nathan Eudaly

David Fixler, FAIA

Thomas Fox

Alice Friedman

Lucretia Giese

Paul Glassman

Michael Glynn

Alan Goldberg

Esley Hamilton

T. Gunny Harboe

Brent Harris

Elizabeth Harris

Tim Hayduk

Inge Horton

Robert Hotes, AIA

Isabelle Hyman

Gregory Ibanez

Mary Jablonski

Gregory Jackson

Mike Jackson, FAIA

Pamela Jerome

Kyle Johnson

Eve Kahn

Carol Krinsky

Molly Lambert

Donald Larsen, AIA

Tracy Lea

Janet Lindstrom

Hélène Lipstadt Mendelsohn

Thomas Little, AIA

Richard Longstreth

Elizabeth Lyon

Joseph Masheck

Chandler McCoy

Robert Meckfessel

Leslie Monsky

Gerald Moorhead, FAIA

Henry Moss, AIA

David Neuman, FAIA

Chris Neville

Jeffrey Ochsner

Kate Burns Ottavino

Edith Payne

Michelle Portman-Walter

Theodore Prudon

Robert Pullum

Jack Pyburn

Kathleen Randall

Nina Rappaport

Peter Reed

Charlene Roise

Phyllis Ross

William Ryall

Michael Sackler

Gary Schilling

Peter Schneider

Susan Schwartz, Ph.D.

Allan Shulman

David Smiley

Virginia Smith

Sylvia Smith

Barry Solar

Robert Thomas

De Teel Tiller

Marc Treib

D’Juro Villaran-Rokovich

Rita Walsh

Marjorie Welish

Brad White

Eugenia Woo

Barbara Yanni

Carla Yanni

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