Tafel House demolition denied; ongoing threats face 270 Park, AT&T, and more


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New York City and the surrounding region continues to be a hotbed for issues surrounding modern architecture. Read the latest updates surrouding the AT&T Building, 270 Park, the New York State Insurance Fund building, and Edgar Tafel's Alpern House below.


Tafel House demolition denied

Thanks to the efforts of community members, architects, Docomomo US New York/Tristate and others, the Scarsdale Committe for Historic Preservation denied the current owner's application to demolish Edgar Tafel's Alpern House at 8 Overlook Road in Scarsdale, New York. Designed in 1950 by Tafel, among the most prominent members of Frank Lloyd Wright's Fellowship, the Committee agreed the home designed by a “master,” and its style as well as its material usage was important. 


This is a hurdle in a much longer race as the owners may appeal the decision to the Village Trustees. Docomomo US New York/Tristate and others will continue to monitor the situation.


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Landmarking hearing scheduled for AT&T

A public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, June 19th to determine whether to landmark the AT&T Building or not. Despite the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approving the lobby's demolition , New York City's Community Board 5, Docomomo US and colleagues continue to advocate to include AT&T's lobby in the landmark designation. Public support is needed and testimony must be submitted online Monday, June 18th by 4pm or in person the morning of the hearing.


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Tuesday, June 19 (time TBA)


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Advocacy for 270 Park continues

Despite former LPC Chair Meenakshi Srinivasan's response on March 9th stating 270 Park “is not a priority due to the lack of broader stakeholder support,” Docomomo US and Docomomo US NY/Tri-State are continuing to collaborate with other organizations to suggest alternatives that would meet JPMorgan Chase’s development objectives without destroying the undesignated landmark structure on Park Ave.


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Potential threat to New York State Insurance Fund building in Tribeca


According to Docomomo US New York/Tristate, current plans by the owner of the New York State Insurance Fund at 199 Church Street in Manhattan may soon threaten the 1955 office building’s distinctive International Style appearance. The work identified by the selected architect, CSA Group, calls for a comprehensive renovation and workplace improvements, but these changes may also mean the loss of the building’s most appealing Modern details.


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