Call for Papers and Case Studies- 10th International DOCOMOMO Conference

The Dutch chapter of DOCOMOMO is honoured to host the 10th International DOCOMOMO Conference, 13-20 September 2008, with the general theme 'The Challenge of Change'. The 2008 edition will mark the 20th anniversary of DOCOMOMO.


The venue will be the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
This renowned Modern Movement icon will accommodate the conference programme of Parallel Paper and Case Study Presentations, Round-table Sessions, the 2nd edition of the International DOCOMOMO Student Workshop and public evening lectures by distinguished invited speakers. Pre- and postconference tours to Dutch MoMo buildings and other landmarks of Dutch
architecture will also be part of the conference programme.

DOCOMOMO invites architects, researchers, historians and other parties involved in the processes of preservation, conservation, renovation and transformation of modern buildings to investigate the paradox of the modern monument and to reflect on the manifold challenges and dilemmas of change and continuity. Those interested in presenting a paper or case study should submit an abstract before 15 October 2007.

Original papers are invited for submission under the following sub-themes:

- Change and Continuity
- Restructuring Cities and Landscape
- Shifts in Programme and Flexibility
- Education in Transformation
- Technology, Progress and Sustainability

For more information on the main theme, the sub-themes and the Call for Papers, please see the attached Call for Papers. For more information on the 10th International DOCOMOMO Conference, please visit