Announcing Docomomo US 2017 Advocacy Theme: SHELTER


Docomomo Staff


Advocacy, shelter, Annual Theme
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SHELTER, protection from the extremes of an environment, is a basic need. Throughout history our built form has risen out of how we respond to this necessity. Like other periods, Modernism strove to reexamine and reassess the forms, spaces, and materials that comprise shelter, creating a new language that defined the structures in which we live.

Using Shelter, Docomomo US is launching a new annual theme that we intend to thread through upcoming events - like our National Symposium and Tour Day, advocacy issues, and in our publications as an annual thematic focus. We think this is an important and timely topic that is relevant to local, national, and international significant properties. It also speaks to recent pressures on public and university housing as these buildings age.

Over the next year we hope you will join us by discussing these issues at our National Symposium, writing articles for our newsletter discussing the influence of Modernism and shelter, identifying our national and local examples of shelter through Register listings, advancing the advocacy efforts of these threatened buildings, and highlighting these properties on our social media platforms.

As we begin to shape the annual theme we welcome suggestions for article submissions, upcoming events, and advocacy issues that align with the theme of shelter. Please email info(AT)