AGAIN: A Rudolph Threatened with Demolition

The new owners of a Paul Rudolph-designed residence in Westport, CT, have expressed intentions to demolish the house. The threat to the Rudolph project became known to the national preservation community, many of whom are trying to rally support to save this significant work, including a search for an alternate buyer to ensure the property’s preservation.

Built for Dr. and Mrs. Louis J. Micheels in 1972, Rudolph’s design at 16 Minuteman Hill allows for a view of the Long Island Sound from every room in the house, which itself is finished in exposed concrete aggregate on the exterior and smooth, white plaster on the interior. Rudolph wanted to achieve a sense of motion, which he achieved through the articulation of overlapping and interlocking volumes, planes and structural members. This design is in many ways reminiscent of Rudolph’s own apartment at Sutton Place.

A heated discussion as to the merits and efforts of preserving this work is taking place at, under their ‘Teardowns’ section, or letters can be faxed to Westport News, attn: Will Rowlands, at the editorial fax (203) 454-2765.


(photo: Dave Matlow)