Modern Holiday Gift Guide 2023


Kimberly Phillips


Docomomo US


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This year's gift guide is a roundup tour de force for the aesthetes and design lovers on your list. It's got it all: recommendations from stylish Doco friends, travel-inspired picks by our executive director, variations on two themes for the new year – Miami and the Suburban Office Park – and finally, curated picks that'll woo, ahh, and wow! We hope you enjoy!

Liz's List

Docomomo US' Executive Director Liz Waytkus shares her favorite things.

Cocaine Decor

Rock Herzog is a Los Angeles-based interior designer and the content creator behind the Twitter account, Cocaine Decor, which he is currently archiving to highlight the work of queer design creatives from the 1970s to the 1990s. 

Miami on Our Minds

A selection of giftable goodies inspired by the 2024 Docomomo US Symposium locale. 

Suburban Office Park

Selections inspired by our 2024 Theme: Suburban Office Parks.

Docomomo Favorites

A curated selection that'll woo, ahh, and wow!