Tropical Brutalism Then and Now

Korach Gallery

1215 Theo Dickinson Dr
Coral Gables, FL


Veronica Castro, AIA

Carlos Eduardo Comas

Marta Silveira Peixoto

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This session offers two studies in the endurance of the modern brutalist style into the present.  The first is a case study of two 1960s brutalist buildings by Thomas Marvel Architect in Puerto Rico that have proven the resilience of their design over more than a half-century of use, despite the challenges of climate and continuous inhabitation. After reviewing the difficulties in defining Brutalism without specifying time and place, the second paper examines the pragmatic bases, metaphoric moves, and historiographical implications of the mix of reuse and building in the 1111 Lincoln Road project. 


  • “Test of Time: 1960s Tropical Brutalist Architecture Today” 
    Veronica  A. Castro
  • “Revisiting 111 Lincoln Road: on the Lineage and Persistence of (Sub)tropical Brutalism" 
    Carlos Eduardo Comas and Marta Peixoto

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Korach Gallery


1.25 LU AIA Credits