South Carolina Chapter Formation Meeting

Virtual event

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Be part of starting a South Carolina chapter of Docomomo US! Join us Tuesday, March 16th from 10 am -11 am to discuss the formation of a new chapter to help preserve the Modern Movement sites of South Carolina.

Topics of discussion will include: Docomomo US, its history, and the requirements needed to launch a statewide chapter.


Tuesday March 16, 2021
10 am - 11 am Eastern

The call will be held via Microsoft Teams. If you are interesting in participating, please email Caroline Wilson, who is leading the new chapter effort, at

One of the first steps to start a Docomomo US chapter is to have 10 members. If you are a South Carolina resident and you are not already a member, join today to support the new chapter formation. View membership overview and benefits.

Reasons for forming a Docomomo chapter

The members of existing local chapters formed because they had a common interest in modern architecture and interiors, landscape and urban design. They were motivated by the desire to recognize and protect significant modern works within their regions, to study the modern movement and discuss its legacy and continued relevance, or simply to learn about their region’s modern heritage.

Those who have created a local chapter have found the following advantages:

  • Affiliation with a national and an international organization and highly regarded brand that shares best practices and help members rally around common goals and objectives.
  • Docomomo is an international network, with international recognition. Associating with an already-established name (even a difficult-to-pronounce one like Docomomo US) can bring credibility to a local group.
  • Linking to other regional and local Docomomo chapters provides access to a network of like- minded individuals who can provide advice, support and encouragement.
  • Docomomo US chapters are required to develop a mission statement and to create a local register of Modern works. This can give focus and structure to an informal group, and help it grow.
  • Belonging to the Docomomo US network allows your group to share information and provides contacts throughout the country with professionals and advocates interested in many aspects of protecting and promoting modern design.
  • Chapters have access to the national website, social networks, and e-newsletter, useful for publicizing activities, issues, and news to a broader audience.