Modernist Miami: The Upper East Side

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Take a drive up the northeast coast of the city along historic Route 1/Biscayne Boulevard to experience Miami’s dynamic arts and cultural scenes and see some of the major highlights of Miami Modernism (MiMo). Starting at the Pérez Art Museum, the tour will travel to the Wynwood Arts District, the Miami Design District, and the MiMo Biscayne Boulevard Historic District, stopping at significant sites along the way such as the Buckminster Fuller’s “Fly Eye” Dome, the Bakehouse Art Complex, Vagabond Motel, Bacardi Headquarters (now Young Arts) and Gumenick Chapel. 
The tour will be led by Teri D’Amico, principal and senior designer of DADA, D’Amico Design Associates Team. Teri is regarded as one of the primary founders of the movement to preserve midcentury Miami-Dade architecture. 
Bus Tour (Bus picks up from and returns to Mayfair House Hotel) 
Friday, May 31, 9:30–11:30am 


All tours will be submitted for AIA credits.