Lower Nine Squares: Designing for the Automobile


New Haven, CT
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The Lower Nine Squares: Designing for the Automobile tour largely follows alongside the ill-fated Oak Street Connector, one of New Haven’s most famous Urban Renewal initiatives.  It also highlights a scale-shift from the human scaled city to feature a number of sites designed with the automobile in mind, and more specifically, to be viewed through the windshield, at the speed of a moving car. 


The collection of buildings designed by Paul Rudolph, Kevin Roche/John Dinkeloo & Associates and Orr, deCossey, Winder and Associates ranges from social support structures, anchors of civic pride to general infrastructure.  This tour will discuss the design thinking, popular reception, and modern views of the many sites along this armature.


Guide: The tour will be led by Sean Khorsandi, executive director of LANDMARK WEST! and Docomomo US New York/Tri-State board member.


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