Update: The Fate of the Parker Center to be decided soon


Los Angeles Conservancy


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UPDATE from the Los Angeles Conservancy:

On January 10, the City of L.A.'s Entertainment and Facilities Committee held a meeting to review the City’s environmental analysis for Parker Center (renamed from the Police Facilities Building in 1966 to honor Chief William H. Parker), calling for the demolition of the historic building. Following a lengthy discussion and public comments, the committee, chaired by Council member Mitch O'Farrell, decided to continue the item until the pending Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) nomination is addressed. The nomination is awaiting to be scheduled and heard before the City Council Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) committee.

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How You Can Help

Please call and request a meeting with Council member José Huizar, Council President Herb Wesson, and Mayor Eric Garcetti and strongly urge their support for Parker Center and its preservation through an adaptive reuse project. Contact Mayor Eric Garcetti and City Councilmember Jose Huizar on Facebook by calling, writing a letter, and emailing their offices at:

City Council member Jose Huizar
Phone: (213) 473-7014
Email: councilmember.huizar@lacity.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huizar.jose/
Chief of Staff Paul Habib, Paul.Habib@lacity.org

City Council President Herb Wesson
Phone: (213) 473-7010
Email: councilmember.wesson@lacity.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HerbWessonJr/
Chief of Staff Deron Williams, deron.williams@lacity.org

Mayor Eric Garcetti
Phone: (213) 978-0600
Email: mayor.garcetti@lacity.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garcetti

Visit the Los Angeles Conservancy's website for more information.

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