Threatened: O'Toole Building/National Maritime Union

As Saint Vincent’s Hospital moves forward with redevelopment plans, the 1964 Curran/O’Toole building designed by Albert C. Ledner is at risk

Between 1954 and 1967 Albert C. Ledner, AIA, designed 14 projects for the National Maritime Union. Four were built in New York; all are expressive mid-century modern. In 2003 the dormitory building was reborn as the signature Maritime Hotel. Another of the four, the Joseph Curran Building-- national headquarters for the Union--is now the O'Toole Building, part of St. Vincent's Hospital (7th Avenue at 13th Street). The Curran/O'Toole Building is currently under threat as Saint Vincent¹s hospital moves forward with plans for a new hospital.

DOCOMOMO New York/Tri-State held an event September 25, featuring Albert Ledner discussing his work for the National Maritime Union. The chapter has also prepared a backgrounder that includes images, historical information about the building and its architect as well as background on the current situation.

For a copy of the backgrounder in PDF please click here .


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