The battle to save the Providence Heights campus continues


Preserve Providence Heights


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Hope is not yet lost for Providence Heights.


On November 17, 2017, a group of local citizens formed the non-profit organization called “Preserve Providence Heights” (PPH) in response to the agreement reached by the City of Issaquah and Churchome, the current owner of the campus. The agreement not only set aside both the campus’ landmark designation and the call for further consideration of the SEPA process, but provided injunctive relief prohibiting the city from enforcing any law whatsoever that would interfere with the Church’s plans to demolish and sell its historic property. PPH filed a motion denying Churchome’s claim of exemption from landmark status on November 30th that resulted in the agreement being thrown out January 5, 2018, only days ahead of the planned demolition action.


Unfortunately, PPH’s motion has since been overturned; subsequently resulting in the City issuing a new Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance almost identical to the first. PPH has filed an appeal that is scheduled to be heard by the city’s examiner on June 4th at 9 AM.


The real hope lies in finding a buyer who can meet the demands of the current owner before demolition begins. PPH is seeking donations to support their legal efforts to mount a credible appeal in order to hold off demolition while a potential buyer raises the millions required to buy the property. The potential buyer proposes to keep the landmark status and use the campus initially as a residential training and empowerment center for women, but funds need to be raised by June 1st.


If you would like to contribute or know of any potential donors please email Elizabeth Maupin at eli410maupin(AT)