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As interest in architecture of the twentieth century grows, Docomomo US continues to be at the forefront of the modern architecture preservation movement. For almost two decades, Docomomo US has been the resource for the advancement of public understanding of modern architecture and landscape and the promotion of advocacy on its behalf.

Your Docomomo US membership is essential in promoting public awareness and interest, and we thank you for your support.  Please consider renewing your membership and reaffirm your commitment to campaigning for this significant part of our cultural history. Membership renewal is available online or via mail by using the membership form.

Benefits of membership include:
•    Connection to a network of people in your region, across the nation, and throughout the world
•    Knowledge and experience from participating in advocacy, conservation and educational efforts
•    Exclusive access and early registration to annual Tour Day events
•    The monthly Docomomo US newsletter
•    Discounts on local and national tours, lectures, film screenings and conferences

Docomomo US regional chapters and friend organizations are at the heart of our organization and are its strength. Chapters in New England, New York/Tri-State, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Chicago/Mid-West, North Texas, Mid-Texas, Northern California, Washington, Minnesota, North Carolina and—new this year—the Greater Philadelphia area, provide an invaluable depth of knowledge and the ability to mobilize in times of crisis. Docomomo US continues to grow not only by chapters but also by establishing relationships with Friend Organizations, such as Houston Mod.

As the nation’s largest annual architecture event, the fifth annual Docomomo US Tour Day reached over 2,000 participants and included 34 tours in 21 states. From historic house tours to surveys of public architecture and double-decker bus tours, Tour Day included more than a dozen new tour affiliates reflecting outreach and activities in Michigan, Oregon, Utah, Missouri, and Arizona.

In the last few years, Docomomo US has focused its attention on increasing our web presence and our electronic communications. Now in its second year, our monthly electronic newsletter has doubled its outreach nationally and internationally, and provides the latest information on issues, technical advances, and local efforts. The Docomomo US E-news is the only resource of its kind in the United States and continues to be adapted to provide the most relevant information. In addition to, a completely redesigned Docomomo US website and Register are also about to be launched. 
Thanks to supporters like you, Docomomo US continues to lead the modern architecture preservation movement in the United States. Thank you for your past support, and we hope you will join us again to advance the important work of Docomomo US.