Richards and Goddard Laboratories building named a National Historic Landmark

Richards Medical Research Building by askpang.
photo by Alex Pang

From The Daily Pennsylvanian
January 28, 2009

"The Alfred Newton Richards Medical Research Laboratory and the adjacent David Goddard Laboratories were designated a National Historic Landmark by then U.S. Secretary of the Interior John Kempthorne. The building is one of nine new landmarks Kempthorne added to a list of fewer than 2,500 buildings nationwide bearing the same designation.

"Kempthorne named the building a landmark for its significant contribution to architectural history "as one of the most important works of mid-20th-century American modernism" and a launching pad for the lucrative career of architect Louis Kahn, according to a press release.

"The building - the final part of which was completed in 1964 - marks Kahn's first to be named a landmark.

"According to University Architect David Hollenberg, approximately 10 months passed between the building's nomination and confirmation as a landmark. The proposal encountered some resistance, however, because the building's age is younger than the requisite 50 years."

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