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Docomomo Japan ISC Technology has issued a call for papers for an academic conference in Tokyo in May 2010 on the theme of “Metal in Modern Movement Architecture.”



14-16 May 2010 
Tokyo, Japan

Sponsored by: DOCOMOMO International (ISC-T) DOCOMOMO Japan / DOCOMOMO Japan ICS-T
Cooperated by: Tokyo University of the Arts (the Department of Architecture)

The Technology Seminar to be held in Tokyo, Japan, will focus on the use of Metal in Modern Movement architecture. In particular, The Docomomo International Specialist Committee on Technology (ISC-T) will collaborate with the National Specialist Committee (NSC) in Japan to focus on a seminar that discusses the use of metal and steel structures in Modern Movement Architecture. In particular, presentation of topics which focus on the repair methods, skills and craftsmanship towards the conservation of these structures is encouraged. It is important to note that metal and steel have also been used in Japan as a material which responds well to seismic events while simultaneously forming a unique construction that is part of the modern experience. On the basis of this background, we look forward to a lively discussion on the use of Metal in Modern Movement Architecture from all over the world!

Docomomo International is a non-profit organization initiated in 1988 by professor, architect Hubert-Jan Henket, and architect Wessel de Jonge from the School of Architecture at the Technical University in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The primary role of Docomomo International is to educate and exchange ideas relating to the documentation, history and technology of conservation, for the protection and safeguard of modern movement heritage. As one of the five working specialist committees dedicated to this mission, the Docomomo International Specialist Committee on Technology (ISC-T) was organized in 2000. In a joint effort and close collaboration, the national chapter of Docomomo Japan NSC Technology will now host an international seminar on the use of Metal in Modern Movement architecture in Tokyo, Japan.

This seminar will focus on all aspects of the use of Metal in modern movement architecture; these include but are not limited to the following topics:
\u0001 The use of Metal to form Modern Movement Heritage and Spaces
\u0001 Use of Metal in Repair Technologies and Conservation
\u0001 Use of Metal in Construction and Manufacturing Production Systems
\u0001 Natural forces in steel structures
\u0001 Other suggested topics

Docomomo Japan NSC Technology invites you to the academic conference in Tokyo in May 2010, as a seminar of Docomomo ISC/Technology. Its theme is “Metal in Modern Movement Architecture”. The ISC Technology requests that all abstracts be submitted in English including abstract submissions from Japan. Abstracts in English are not to exceed 300 words maximum. Submissions of abstracts are to be sent by e-mail to the seminar secretariat.

Submission of Abstracts: 15 February 2010
Notification of Abstract Acceptance: 01 March 2010
Submission of Full Paper: 15 April 2010