Lost, Saved, Threatened Landscapes


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Saved, Threatened, Lost
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As cities and communities continue to rethink and reclaim public space, modern landscapes, many of which lack proper maintenance and understanding, have been placed in a vulnerable position. Here are just a few modern landscapes featured the Docomomo US Explore Modern Register that have been lost, saved and are currently still threatened.


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After a long, controversial battle, demolition of Baltimore's McKeldin Fountain began this past November despite there not being a plan for a permanent replacement in place. Fresno, California's Fulton Mall, a pedestrian mall designed by landscape architect Garrett Eckbo in colaboration with Victor Gruen Associates, is also currently being redeveloped to reopen the street to traffic.

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Both St. Louis' Jefferson National Expansion Memorial and Pittsburgh's Mellon Square have been revitalized by recent renovations.

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Tampa's Kiley Gardens and Milwaukee's Mitchell Park Domes are two landscapes still currently threatened. Docomomo US and our partners are continuing to monitor the situations surrounding these sites.

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