Invitation to the 2nd International DOCOMOMO Conference Workshop

DOCOMOMO Netherlands is organizing an international workshop to be held in Rotterdam in September 2008 in cohesion with the 10th International DOCOMOMO Conference "The Challenge of Change".


Organized by the Faculty of Architecture of Delft University of Technology and Jo Coene of MIT, the workshop will focus on case studies in Rotterdam selected out of the period from 1940-1958 that have recently been selected by the National Service for Archeology, Cultural landscape and Built Heritage (RACM) to be listed as built cultural heritage.

The emphasis of the workshop is to form multidisciplinary design relationships between architectural, urban planning, historic preservation and art history Masters and PhD students while further enhancing the global and multi disciplinary understanding of the field.

DOCOMOMO invites your institutional participation in this project by asking you to select thee students who will be asked to attend the workshop. For more details please click here

If you have questions regarding this workshop please email or visit the website at

P.O. Box 230977
New York, NY 10023
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