Glass and Glazing in the 21st Century at MIT


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Glass & Glazing in the 21st Century: Design and Preservation of Contemporary & Historic Architecture

March 20-22, 2010

Cambridge, Massachusetts

An intensive 2-day conference/training program exploring the use, performance, maintenance, and preservation/restoration of glass in new and existing buildings and monuments.  Followed by a 1-day program focused on stained glass.

This conference/training program is being presented by Technology & Conservation, the MIT Department of Architecture's Building Technology Program, and the Boston Society of Architects/AIA's Historic Resources Committee (HRC) and is the latest in the series of materials-based meetings begun in the 1990s. "Glass & Glazing in the 21st Century" will focus on developments in architectural glasses for structural, energy saving, and decorative uses in new building facades/building envelopes and monuments, as well as their application in the restoration and upgrading of existing structures.

The conference will be followed on March 22, 2010 by an optional stained glass program, offered at no additional cost to conference attendees. Information on this important symposium, including conference schedule, speakers, continuing education credits, and the registration form, are on-line at the Boston Society of Architects' HRC website.