Fondation Le Corbusier: Grant for Young Researcher

For the coming academic year 2009–10, the Fondation Le Corbusier will attribute one grant to a young researcher wishing to devote his/her studies to Le Corbusier’s work.

The research proposals should concern primarily the aspects of his work that have not been the subject of sufficient in-depth research, or, in the case of areas already studied, propose an original approach (multi-disciplinary, comparative, transverse, etc.). All of the aspects of Le Corbusier’s work are acceptable as research subjects: building works, unrealized architectural or urban projects, furniture, the plastic arts – painting, drawing, tapestry, exhibitions, etc. – writings (published or not); biographical research contributing to an understanding of the man and his work may also be proposed.

Applicants must be young (maximum age 35), working toward a master’s or postgraduate degree (fine arts, architecture, history, urbanism, art history, law, etc.), and preferably working in a research laboratory or similar scientific facility.

The proposal must show how the particular research project, for which the Foundation’s support is requested – necessarily confined to the period of the grant – fits into a larger program or one of longer term (PhD, institutional research, book project, etc.). The candidates must justify their intended use of the Foundation’s aid and the reasons it is necessary to meet specific demands in pursuing a certain aspect of their research (travel, scheduling, purchase of materials, fees, etc.).

The grant request must consist of: a 20-page description of the research project (methodology, hypotheses, nature of the expected results, summary bibliography, calendar), a curriculum vitae, a list of works already completed, and two letters of recommendation from researchers, teachers, architects or well-known figures. The candidates must also inform the Foundation of any aid requested or obtained from other public or private sources relative to the proposed project.

The amount of the grant is 10,000 euros. This sum is distributed as follows: one third at the signing of the contract, one third upon presentation of a mid-term progress report, one third upon presentation of the final report.

The dossier must be sent to the Foundation on a digital format: attached files by email or CD-Rom.

Applications should be received by June 30, 2009.

The results are expected to be published by October 1st, 2009.

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