Docomomo US receives assets of the Recent Past Preservation Network


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Docomomo US and the Recent Past Preservation Network (RPPN) former board of directors announce they have reached an agreement to transfer the remaining assets of the Recent Past Preservation Network. RPPN was a national non-profit that was dedicated to promoting preservation education and advocacy to encourage a contextual understanding of our modern built environment. In 2000, the organization was started by Christine Madrid French and Michael Tomlan and organized around the issue of the Gettysburg Cyclorama.


However, after 2014, this organization began the process of winding down its advocacy and education. By 2016, the organization had relinquished its tax status and started conversations with like minded organizations, such as Docomomo US, to find a way to transfer the assets of the organization. That process was initiated with Docomomo US in 2017 and completed in the summer of 2018. The last board of directors of the Recent Past Preservation Network requested that the funds be put to use to support preservation education and advocacy, an area that Docomomo US already excels in. The former board of directors supports the work of Docomomo US and encourages all former members of RPPN to consider supporting Docomomo US in their work to continue the efforts of the organization. 

As an extension of this transfer of assests, Docomomo US is in the process of developing a legacy program related to recent past issues. Stay tuned for updates.