DOCOMOMO US is Celebrating 10 years!

On October 4th 2008, DOCOMOMO US will invite Americans to go out and experience their modern heritage by joining tours of Modern architecture in over 20 cities. The DOCOMOMO US Modern Architecture Tour Day is part of the organization’s year-long celebration of its 10th anniversary. In the decade since the founding of the US working party, the group has become a recognized name for enthusiasts of Modern architecture who have formed chapters in all regions of the country, with campaigns for the preservation of TWA terminal at Kennedy Airport, Boston’s City Hall, and Seattle’s Monorail among others.


The 10th Anniversary and Modern Architecture Tour Day is part of a larger series of events that will take place throughout the year, including lectures and discussions organized around the country to raise awareness about the importance of Modern architecture.


We will be updating our website as more information develops so please check back frequently for updates and announcements as we announce the national events that will take place in the coming year. If you have any inquiries or question please email-