Docomomo Ukraine International Conference


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DOCOMOMO Ukraine in association with Kharkov National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, “RodDom” Institute and DOCOMOMO International request papers in association with the International Conference on Ukrainian Architectural Avant-Garde - Studies and Protection, Kharkov, February 1-3, 2012.

The aim of the conference is to concentrate efforts of architects, scientists, cultural community, state and local authorities of the Ukraine on the studies and protection, of the remaining architectural heritage, and of the turbulent twentieth century.

The program will include plenary sessions, presentations and tours on

  • the historical destiny of Ukrainian architectural avant-garde
  • international relations of Ukrainian architecture of the twentieth century
  • theoretical and pedagogical heritage of the Modern Movement in the Ukraine
  • identification, studies and documentation of monuments of the twentieth century
  • methods and technology of the modernist architecture preservation

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