Docomomo International Journal 46


Newsletter September 2009
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Docomomo International Journal 46: Designing Modern Life is complete and will be hitting mailboxes soon. Journal 46 includes essays and articles discussing the interior space as a site for design and modernism through its spatial configuration, devices and furniture. Guest editor Bárbara Coutinho.

Journal 46 focuses on interior design as a key conservation issue for Modern living and acknowledges the relevance of one of the most fragile conservation issues: modern interior space including modern furniture and product design questions. Ranging from restoration process research and know-how, new modern materials and techniques are discussed facing up to new conservation process and innovative rehabilitation solutions, as well. One knows that Modern spatiality must require furniture conceived under a unitary design concept, which implies today to identify every detail with the aim of a reconstruction process, where research on documentation is one of the success keys.

With the Docomomo International Conference hosted at the Espoo Cultural Center, the stimulus of this city center settlement in connection to Otaniemi University Campus is the starting point that justifies going deeper in the relation that connects form and function, esthetics and ethics. In fact, as Walter Gropius stated, the “design from the cup of coffee to the urban plan” ability is the motto challenge for the 12th annual conference simultaneously with Helsinki being the World Design Capital 2012 dealing with all disciplinary aspects.

Finally, this issue wishes to pay tribute to the Finnish culture and its original contribution to Design. Indeed, through the conception of organic forms and the use of natural materials, a different path has been explored answering to sensorial and tactile comfort. Following the global design idea, this theme is the result of a challenge which is related to the Finnish approach to Modern Movement architecture, namely to an organic character that privileges comfort and economy, beauty and utility, simplicity and synthesis; improving regional roots in order to fulfill the sense of the place.

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