Development Threatens Buckhead's Modern Heritage


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By Erica Danylchak, Executive Director of Buckhead Heritage Society
In Atlanta, Georgia, the community of Buckhead is facing renewed development and threats to important historic resources, including modern buildings along its Peachtree Road corridor. A survey by the Atlanta Regional Commission recently identified a significant collection of modern architecture along Buckhead's portion of the famous thoroughfare.
Photo (left): The Buckhead Christian Church. Credit: Buckhead Heritage Society
Two buildings in particular are under immediate threat: The Christian Church of Buckhead, designed by Joseph Amisano and completed in 1986 as the Second Church of Christ, Scientist and 2520 Peachtree Road NW condominium complex designed by James C. Wise, built in 1955. The development firm Related Group has presented plans to the Development Review committee to replace the church with a 386-unit tower, while the Atlanta-based development company, JPX Works plans to construct a 22-story condo building where the existing complex now stands.
On June 30th, JPX Works, LLC, presented its application to Neighborhood Planning Unit B. There was no neighborhood opposition to the application and the NPU-B board unanimously approved the application with agreed-upon conditions--a significant step in the zoning process. The new 2520 building would be the first condominium tower built in Buckhead since the start of the great recession. Buckhead Heritage has reached out to JPX Works to request documentation of the historic building on the site and the developer has agreed to work with the organization on that effort.

Photo (above): 2520 Peachtree Road condominium building. Credit: Buckhead Heritage Society
Many thanks to Buckhead Heritage and Atlanta Regional Commission for sharing their work and advocacy efforts. Stay tuned for more updates. To read more, follow the links below.
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