Argentinian Marcel Breuer building in ruins


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The Parador Ariston, on the Atlantic south coast, is the only work by Bauhaus master Marcel Breuer in Latin America. Created between 1946 and 1947 in collaboration with Carlos Coire and Eduardo Catalano, this beautiful structure was used as a restaurant and nightclub in its heyday. It is shaped like a four-leaved clover, with curved glazing that allows maximum sun penetration. The windows also allow a wide view of the dunes for which Mar Del Plata is famous. The building has an elevated floor, and was constructed within just 60 days using volcanic lava tiles, unusual in the region at the time. Unfortunately, the Parador Ariston has now reached an advanced state of disrepair, having been abandoned for at least 20 years and suffered the effects of sea air, weather and vandalism.


Docomomo International wishes to express its full support for all the efforts that may be carried out in order to respect the integrity of the original building, taking into consideration the history of the Parador Ariston and the will to maintain its authenticity for future generations.


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