Architecture in the Round: Bertrand Goldberg


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In case you missed the Life and Work of Bertrand Goldberg tour during Tour Day 2010, the Chicago Architectural Foundation will hold a second tour this Saturday, December 11th.

Best known for his curving concrete structures, Bertrand Goldberg was a native Chicagoan who “broke the box” and brought new ideas and philosophies to mid-century Modern design.  A student of Mies van der Rohe, Goldberg began experimenting early in his career with new shapes and materials that differentiated his work from the rigid rectilinear style of his mentor.  Goldberg was passionate about revitalizing cities, and we’ll see projects he designed that were intended to inject vitality back into Chicago’s urban fabric as he saw it begin to decay in the 1950s.  By visiting Marina City, Hilliard Homes and River City, you’ll see how Goldberg envisioned Chicago recreating itself as a modern American city.  As a special bonus, we’ll tour the interiors of Marina City and River City and see why they are still regarded as some of Chicago’s most beloved modern icons.  We’ll also visit Prentice Hospital, an endangered example of the innovative designs Goldberg developed for hospitals and medical centers. 
To register for the tour or for more information visit the Chicago Architectural Foundation.
For more information about the preservation efforts to save Goldberg’s Prentice Hospital visit: