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Newsletter December
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Docomomo International Specialist Committee on Education and Theory (ISC E+T) is one of the four committees of Docomomo International. It concentrates on the fundamental relationship between education, theoretical approaches, and the preservation of the modern movement.

This past summer Docomomo ISC E+T added two new student editors to its cause: Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Jennifer Whisenhunt and Mary Park.

Both students have recently completed the newest Docomomo ISC E+T newsletter. It addresses the Docomomo International Conference this past summer in Finland, the goals for the upcoming year and the role of students at the future Docomomo conference in Seoul, Korea 2014.

Read the latest newsletter here.

For past newsletters please click here and for latest news on the Docomomo ISC E+T visit their website or follow them on Twitter @docomomoISCET