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  • DOCOMOMO US/FL Gainsville 2010 Tour

    DOCOMOMO US Tour Day 2010

    Saturday, October 9, 2010


    Title University of Florida

    DOCOMOMO US/Florida


    Sunday, October 10th
    11:00 AM

    Amidst the red-brick landscape of the University of Florida's sprawling campus are several important mid-twentieth century buildings which were designed by important Florida architects, including, Paul Rudolph, Gene Leedy, William Morgan, and Taylor Hardwick. This 90-minute tour will visit several key structures and provide insights into their design and current preservation challenges. 
    Please note: Owing to congestion related to the Florida Gators' home football game, the tour will operate on Sunday, October 10.

    Blair Mullins: (757) 593-2805

    Fee Free.
    Donations to the University of Florida's Historic Preservation Student and Alumni Organization will be encouraged and welcomed.
    Other www.docomomofl.org


    P.O. Box 230977
    New York, NY 10023
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