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Founded in 2009, Mid Tex Mod is committed to raising awareness of the Modern Movement in Central Texas. Our region’s incredible mid-century heritage includes the works of O’Neil Ford, FAIA; Fehr & Granger; Richard S. Colley; A. D. Stenger; Marmon Mok; Roland Gommel Roessner, FAIA; John S. Chase, FAIA; and Harwell Hamilton Harris, FAIA, to name just a handful. These architects were often born here, educated here, or taught here, and many were based in Central Texas during the significant decades of their careers. Their contributions, along with those of nationally-prominent masters including Edward Durell Stone and Gordon Bunshaft, join the works of countless lesser-known designers and builders working in the modern idiom to define Central Texas’ postwar landscape. They constitute a unique design legacy that is all our own and one which Mid Tex Mod strives to preserve.


Our chapter’s reach includes Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, San Angelo, College Station, Waco, and all places in between. We offer regular events, as well as a monthly newsletter, and engage in year-round advocacy efforts to protect our region’s incredible Modern Movement landmarks and neighborhoods.


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