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Docomomo International produces a series of technical Dossiers and International Conference Proceedings in association with its biennial conference. Print copies of these publications can be purchased on the Docomomo International website


Dossier 8: Restoring Postwar Heritage


In the fall of 2004 the VIIIth International Docomomo Conference titled Import-Export: Postwar Modernism in an Expanding World, 1945-1975 took place in New York City. This was the first International Docomomo meeting fully devoted to the postwar period and the first to evaluate the reciprocal relationship and its consequence between modernism and preservation. In conjunction with this international conference Docomomo US saw the need to address separately the much neglected or misunderstood technological challenges presented by modern architecture.


A series of technical seminars was organized around the conference’s general theme but focused specifically on technology. Focusing on postwar building technologies and their particular technical and conservation issues, professionals from different parts of the world presented their expertise and experience within the four technical topic areas, which were titled: The 20th Century Metal and Glass Curtain Wall, Concrete Restoration in Modern Buildings, Stone and Technology in the Modern Movement and Chroma: Color and Conservation in Modern Buildings. Most of those papers are included in this dossier.


This publication was financially made possible through a grant from the Getty Foundation, the sponsorship of the firm Conproco and the generous support of Brent Harris.

Proceedings VIIIth International Conference - Import-Export: Postwar Modernism in a Expanding World, 1945-1975


The VIIIth International Docomomo Conference took place at Columbia University in the City of New York in September 2004. Its theme was “Import/Export: Postwar Modernism in an Expanding World, 1945-1975,” and was the first Docomomo International meeting entirely devoted to the postwar period and the first to consider not just the impact of preservation on modernism but the impact of modernism on preservation, thus highlighting the opportunity modernism offers preservation to engage the central issues of our times.


The publication of the proceedings was made possible through the efforts of Nancy Levinson, Brendan Moran, Flora Chou and Deirdre Gould and the generosity of The Getty Foundation and Brent Harris.

Dossier 14: Concrete and Modernism


In 2015, in the context of its third annual symposium entitled, “Modernism on the Prairie,” Docomomo US together with Docomomo International ISC-Technology hosted a workshop with a series of lectures on concrete, including its technology and approaches for conservation. The lectures and presentations took place on the second and third days of the symposium respectively at Rapson Hall of the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and at the magnificent (concrete) St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota designed by Marcel Breuer.


The publication of Dossier 14 is in part funded by the generous support of the Historic Preservation Education Foundation.

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