What is the Explore Modern project?

Developed as the next phase of the Docomomo US Register project, the Explore Modern project is an online database of buildings, sites, and neighborhoods of the modern movement in the United States. It seeks to raise public awareness of the rich diversity of modern sites, inform ongoing stewardship decisions and offer continued scholarship. The Explore Modern project and the US Register parallels the goals of the international register.

What types of buildings or sites are included?

Resources included represent the modern period of design, and generally constructed between the 1930s and 1980s. Resources included have technical, social, cultural/aesthetic, canonical, and historical significance. However, a resource may not be exceptional in all these categories. Significant sites include planned cities, iconic monuments to the house next door.

Where did this information come from?

The US effort is led by the Register Committee made up of a board member, chapter representatives and other individuals. Contributions to The Register have been made by local Docomomo US chapters, friend organizations, scholars and interested individuals from across the country.

Can I add a building or site to the list?

Users may submit short form or expanded descriptions of significant modern buildings or sites in the US. Short form descriptions can be submitted online here. Expanded descriptions (previously referred to as a ‘full fiche’) are meant for scientific research and documentation.

Submissions will be reviewed and approved by Docomomo US at the sole discretion of the organization.

What information is required to submit a building or site?

Basic information about a building is required including: name, construction date, designer, location, condition, style and classification. Addition information including a short description, how to visit text and any terms of protection are beneficial.

What happens to a building on the list when it is demolished?

Demolished buildings and sites will remain on the site and as a means to provide documentation of their contribution and existence.

Can I add my photos to a building page?

Photos may be included with new building submissions. As the Explore Modern project moves into future phases, users will have the opportunity to submit individual photos.

How do I know if a building is protected?

Buildings can have a variety of protections that range from local landmarking, inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places to listing as a National Historic Landmark. Contact your local municipality, to determine if a site is designated locally. National Register and National Historic Landmark designations are administered by the National Park Service and nominated by State Historic Preservation Offices.



How does the Explore Modern project relate to the Docomomo International Register?

The Docomomo US Explore Modern project and Register is part of the larger effort by Docomomo International and all other national/regional working groups to fulfill one of Docomomo's aims: "to document significant examples of the modern movement and to share knowledge worldwide by creating a collective register." The Register consists of documentation forms, which come in two formats, "short" and "expanded." Building descriptions have been developed since the formation of the U.S. Working Party in 1995. The initial inventory represents the research contributions of Docomomo US members and academic initiatives at various institutions. Creation of the Online Register is due in large part to the contributions of former Docomomo US Board Member Gary Koll. Beginning in 2006, the database was reformatted for the organization’s Drupal website and guidelines were written and developed by Docomomo US Register Committee Chair, Jon Buono. The international register effort was started in 1992 and is headed by a committee, the International Specialist Committee on Registers (ISC/R).

Are there any protections if a building or site is added to this list?

The Docomomo US Explore Modern project and Register provide no added protection to a property. Adding a building or site to the list promotes public understanding and awareness.

Can Docomomo US confirm the information listed for a building is up-to-date and correct?

Data is the responsibility of the author and all statements of building or site condition reflect the date of observation. Docomomo US does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, nor assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the property information provided herein. Any use of this information is at the user’s own discretion. Docomomo US requests that any use of this information be accompanied by a reference to its source. Corrections or updates to a building or site listing can be sent here.