Boyd Thomes and Art Naftalin House

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Docomomo US/MN is excited to feature a home for Tour Day 2019 with unique connections to Minnesota's modern historical roots and a special connection to Docomomo US/MN!

Built in 1948 for University of Minnesota faculty members Boyd Thomes and Art Naftalin (the latter would later become a four-term Minneapolis mayor), this Prospect Park duplex was designed by architect Elizabeth "Lisl" Close of the nascent Close Associates.

After serving as a rental property for much of the 1990s and 2000s, the current owners embarked on an extensive remodel and addition in 2016 as they downsized from their large family home in St. Paul. As part of their research, the homeowners attended the Docomomo US/MN Tour Days in 2013-2014 to see other Close Associates properties and gain insight and inspiration. Eventually the owners engaged Close Associates to design the addition, modernizing the home while keeping the feel and intent of the original.

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