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  • Lovell Health House

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    Lovell Health House
    Unknown. Lovell Health House. 1929. Department of Special Collections, Charles E Young Research Library, UCLA.
    4616 Dundee Drive
    Los Angeles, CA
    United States
    34° 7' 5.7036" N, 118° 17' 16.4148" W
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    Identity of Building / Site
    Primary classification: Residential (RES)
    Secondary classification:
    Federal, State, or Local Designation(s) and Date(s):
    History of Building/Site
    Original Brief:
    Dates: Commission / Completion:Commission unknown, completion 1929(e).
    Architectural and other Designer(s): Richard Neutra, architect
    Others associated with Building/Site:
    Significant Alteration(s) with Date(s):
    Current Use: Private Residence
    Current Condition:
    General Description:
    Construction Period:
    Original Physical Context:
    Technical Evaluation:
    Cultural & Aesthetic:
    General Assessment:
    The three-story, steel-framed structure is a pioneering example of modern technology applied to the creation of a residential environment. Walls spanning between the shop-fabricated, lightweight frame are sprayed concrete over an insulation backing and combinations of standard window units. Through its dramatic hillside site and exposed structural system, the house is a recognized monument to the International Style.
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