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  • Save The Church of the Nativity, in Manhattan

    By Joseph Masheck 

    I am a member of Docomomo because at the principal Mass of my parish church, Corpus Christi, I long sat in front of the indomitable Dorothy Miner (1936-2008). Dorothy, as many of you may know, received a medal from the Association of the Bar of the City of New York for her defense of the landmark preservation law. When she invited my wife and me to join the NY/Tristate chapter we were 2% of the membership because there were only a hundred members! I am now faced with a discouraging prospect, and I wish Dorothy were here for advice: the closing, and likely demolition of, the Church of the Nativity, on Second Avenue in Manhattan. Preservation aside, this is unfortunately part of a larger general program of the Archdiocese of New York to close and merge parishes, destroying buildings for the land – and indeed, another Saint Dorothy may be involved.

    Modern Cuba Travel Tour 2016

    Modern Cuba: Continuity of Past and Present
    May 14, 2016 – May 23, 2016
    Havana, Cuba - Hotel Capri (8 nights)
    Tour Leader: Belmont Freeman
    Guest: Eduardo Luis Rodríguez 
    Due to popular demand, Docomomo US is pleased to announce registration for a second educational travel tour of modern architecture in Havana, Cuba. Guests will experience the rich architectural past of this long elusive Caribbean island located just 90 miles south of U.S. soil. Modern Cuba offers a unique travel opportunity in a small group setting featuring access to modern homes and buildings considered off the beaten path or not ordinarily open to the public.

    Foster Gunnison and his Magic Homes

    By Connie J. Zeigler

    Pre-fabricated housing pioneer, Foster Gunnison, cut his modernist teeth on lighting design. His works illuminated New York’s Empire State Building and Rockefeller Centre. The machine-age aesthetic of these buildings influenced design across the nation.

    Flashback: Rediscovering a Dwelling Machine

    Welcome to the second installment of our Flashback series that revisits past articles featured in the Docomomo Journal. 
    This issue highlights an article on prefabrication by James Ashby titled "Re-discovering a dwelling machine: Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House (1928-45)" first published in the Docomomo Journal No. 22 - May 2000: Modern Houses.

    Uncertain Future for the Neal Blaisdell Center

    CHAPTER REPORT: Docomomo US/Hawaii
    The Neal Blaisdell Center opened in 1964 as the Honolulu International Center, a world-class arts and entertainment campus. At its opening ceremonies, the Center was dedicated as a war memorial to Hawaii’s service members, with the expressed hope that the Center “will give every opportunity for growth of the minds and hearts of the people of Hawaii.”
    The Neal Blaisdell Center. David Franzen, © Franzen Photography

    Road Trip: Revisiting the Ephemeral Highway Landscape

    By Richard Longstreth, Frampton Tolbert, and Liz Waytkus

    Summer is the perfect time to pack a suitcase or two, jump in the car, and go on a road trip. Inspired by Richard Longstreth's recent book Road Trip: Roadside America, From Custard's Last Stand to the Wigwam Restaurant - a photo expose that captures ephemeral road side architecture across the United States in the 1970s - Frampton Tolbert, a preservationist and founder of Mid-Century Mundane, and Liz Waytkus, Executive Director of Docomomo US, embarked upon road trips of their own to see if some of these sites still exist and discovered new ones along the way.
    © Road Trip: Roadside America, From Custard's Last Stand to the Wigwam Restaurant.

    Olan G. & Aida T. Hafley House Restoration

    Welcome to our first installment of an in depth look at the award winning projects of the Modernism in America Awards Program.
    Olan G. & Aida T. Hafley House
    Design Award of Excellence | Residential
    Project team
    Kelly Sutherlin McLeod Architecture, Inc. – Project Architect
    Griswold Conservation Associates, LLC – Project Conservator
    Structural Focus –Structural Engineer
    Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture – Landscape Architect
    Mannigan Design – Contractor
    Lamprecht ArchiTEXTural – Architectural Historian

    Flashback: Theory and Practice of Modern Regionalism in Cuba

    Welcome to our new Flashback series in which we revisit articles featured in past Docomomo Journals.  
    Our first installment highlights modernism in Cuba with the article by Eduardo Luis Rodriguez titled "Theory and practice of modern regionalism in Cuba," first published in the Docomomo Journal No. 33 - Sept. 2005: The Modern Movement in the Caribbean Islands.
    The Docomomo Journal is published twice a year and is a benefit to Docomomo US International members. To renew or join as an International member, click JOIN. Docomomo US has a limited number of Journal No. 33 in our vault. Copies can be purchased here

    Development Threatens Buckhead's Modern Heritage

    By Erica Danylchak, Executive Director of Buckhead Heritage Society
    In Atlanta, Georgia, the community of Buckhead is facing renewed development and threats to important historic resources, including modern buildings along its Peachtree Road corridor. A survey by the Atlanta Regional Commission recently identified a significant collection of modern architecture along Buckhead's portion of the famous thoroughfare.
    Photo (left): The Buckhead Christian Church. Credit: Buckhead Heritage Society

    Moving History Forward in Riverside, Illinois

    By Michelangelo Sabatino, Photos by Serge Ambrose

    Preserving a modernist house can be a challenging process that requires a range of skills: observation, historical research, and sense for design. Equally important is the skill of patience if one hopes to learn to enjoy the process. Unlike a classic automobile that must be returned to its original condition in order to hold its value, the preservation of a modernist house that has undergone inappropriate ‘improvements’ requires a creative approach that combines an understanding of history with an appreciation for the future. In short, one must be able and willing to move history forward.

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