EDUARDO FERNANDO CATALANO [1917-2010] Argentine Modernist Architect, Student of Gropius, Breuer


Eduardo Fernando Catalano was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and came to the United States on scholarships to the Universities of Pennsylvania and Harvard. In 1945, he entered a General Motors design competition using a hyperbolic paraboloid, and won second place out of 914 entries.

He was a graduate student of Walter Gropius and an undergraduate student of Marcel Breuer, both professors at Harvard and considered the pioneering masters of modernist architecture.

Metal in Architecture

Docomomo Japan ISC Technology has issued a call for papers for an academic conference in Tokyo in May 2010 on the theme of “Metal in Modern Movement Architecture.”

Boston Concrete 1957-1976

Boston Concrete explores the profound effect of concrete within the development of Boston's architecture between 1957-1967. It heralds the often overlooked material: concrete. Various perspectives provide a rich insight and uncover various facets regarding the development of Boston's concrete architecture, including Tad Stahl (architect of the State Street Bank), Michael McKinnell (architect of Boston City Hall), historian Douglass Shand-Tucci, as well as critic and historian Michael Kubo, among others. A fantastic exploration into concrete!

Feds kick Reese nomination to National Register back to state, citing technical problems

The Chicago Tribune's Blair Kamin writes on the threat to Michael Reese Hospital. Find out more and get involved at Save Michael Reese Hospital.   

As bulldozers continued to destroy buildings at the former Michael Reese Hospital campus, National Park Service officials on Friday cited technical problems with a plan to nominate the campus to the National Register of Historic Places and said they would return the nomination to Illinois officials.

from the Chicago Tribune
by Blair Kamin
December 18, 2009

Phillis Wheatley Elementary, New Orleans

While its elevated platform design protected it from destruction by Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans' Phillis Wheatley Elementary School now faces forces stronger than those of 2005: neglect and disregard. The glass and steel structure was designed by architect Charles Colbert (1921-2007) in 1954. It uniquely situates itself among the surrounding 18th and 19th century architecture of New Orleans with its innovative modernist glass and steel design.

Dallas Architecture Forum announces new season, opens Oct. 1

The Dallas Architecture Forum is pleased to announce its 14th season.  One film, six lectures plus three special lectures in collaboration with the opening of the Dallas Center for Performing Arts, two symposia, its 365 Modern Home Reception series, an engaging Panel Series focused on issues impacting Dallas, and special members’ only events will make up the season.

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